Saturday 13 February 2010

Another Spoonbill and a Small Tantrum

I've been really busy all day today, I hadn't any birding time planned but on a trip to Axminster I couldn't help but notice that the Spoonbill that's been knocking about for the last couple of days was fishing in the estuary and was close enough for photos. On my way home, back past the estuary, it appeared to have gone but when I had a free half-hour a short while later I popped down there for a look, just in case I'd overlooked it. I saw Gav parked up on the riverside just north of the Tram Sheds, he was intently looking at something, I approached and  said "Spoonbill?"  He said something like "Uh!"  Five seconds later... "Oh, there it is!" I enthused. It was feeding  about 100m away on the far bank but Gav was so keen on looking at the gulls he hadn't seen it. He simply hadn't looked that way yet; the draw of thousands of Black-headed Gulls being what it is!
Anyway I tried to get a few digiscoped photos while Gav snapped away with his new camera. I kept my intense camera envy well under control ( only sixty more oven cleanings to go!! ;-)). 

Most backwater birders were called into action this evening for the reserves Wet and Wild Weekend, acting as local bird experts on some tram trips along the river. Some however weren't even asked! I'm obviously too much of a Robin-stroking, tree-hugging dudette for that kind of accolade. I'm keeping my pathetic bitterness well under wraps though. ;-(

Bucking The Trend. 
This Spoonbill was a real 'Speedy Gonzalez' 
Making getting a good shot hard as it legged it around on the mud.

Then it posed beautifully, but most inconsiderately kept putting its head in the blurred part of my field of view, caused by the coating coming off my eye-piece.

That's better.

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kirstallcreatures said...

Great pics of the Spoonbill Karen. L