Saturday, 30 January 2010

A Very Tricky ID

This afternoon circa 4.00pm I saw these two at Coronation Corner. Being in rather a hurry I didn't have time to approach them for a clearer view so took a quick record shot from the car (always pays to  have a camera handy).

The one on the left is definitely Clive from Sidmouth but who's that on the right? I must admit to being somewhat baffled because everything points to it being Gav; the place, the time, the behaviour. In fact the general jizz screams out "Yes, definitely Gav!!" But something's wrong. Something in the head area, what could it be?
I'll have to put this sighting down as an aberrant Gavin Haig I think! ;-)

Coincidently about 45 minutes after I'd taken this photo Gav, texted me, telling of an aberrant Herring Gull at Coronation Corner which sounded very interesting.  It was too late for me to go and see it before work though :-(  Check out Gav's Blog he'll probably have photos later ( or indeed now).

Apologies if you came here hoping for a tricky bird ID to solve and just found this silliness. I haven't had any time for birding this past week. Perhaps I'll see something tomorrow though, I hope so! ;-)

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Davina Widegyrth said...

I think it IS Gavin. You know, even from this angle you can tell that it's a really nice bloke, so who else could it possibly be?