Saturday, 16 January 2010


A Spoonbill graced us with its presence today. Phil found it early this morning on Colyford Marsh. Early this afternoon I went down to Colyford Common to see if I could get a photo. It had 'assumed the position', you know the one, that Spoonbill one, yes that's it! Asleep! I waited and waited and after about forty minutes it MOVED! Ten seconds of frantic acitity followed as it fluffed up and stretched out one leg and one wing. Then it went to sleep again. Fortunately I was quick enough to catch all the action. 

The Spoonbill Position.

Don't blink it's awake! 
Nice to see that other strange billed creature, the Shoveler in the background, back  on the marshes where it should be.

Frenetic Activity.

Whilst at Colyford Common I began to feel quite unwell and had to rush home for a lie down before work. I also had to (very regrettably) cry off a planned trip to see the Black Kite in Wales tomorrow with Bun and Joe. Unfortunately for them I was going to be driving. Sorry guys. I just couldn't face the almost eight hour round trip feeling as under the weather as I do. See! I'm not that hardened a twitcher. Hopefully it'll stay for the rest of the winter anyway... Hopefully :-(


Gavin Haig said...

Aaagh! Spoonbill photo envy!! :o)

Wilma said...

Great shots of the spoonbill. I have never seen one in person and am quite jealous! (That last shot looks like one of the positions for my warm-up exercizes at the gym.)

John said...

Wonder were the Spoonies had disapeared too. Shock horror I never saw a Spoonie in 2009....well done on capturing it when it very briefly woke from its slumber.

Note to myself, get to see a Spoonie in 2010.


Karen Woolley said...

Gav - The results of a VE-E-ERY tedious time waiting for it to untuck. In hindsight I should have taken my Thermos and chair and enjoyed a nice cup of tea and a sit down at the same time. :-)

Wilma - Thanks. I'm often jealous of the lovely birds you photograph, those Cardinals in your garden are stunning especially in the snow!

It does indeed look like a warm up exercise. In fact it was just limbering up ready for another hour or so's sleep! ;-)

John - I can beat that ;-) I never saw an Osprey in 2009 anywhere!