Sunday 6 December 2009

Fungus Foray

There's not a lot to see in the woods at the moment, so while walking Rex today I had a rummage about looking for fungi to photograph and hopefully identify. I used to go mushroom hunting a lot, but that was 'donkey's years' ago, hence I don't  really remember them too well these days. I  do still have a couple of old books on fungi and although  they're not very comprehensive, I think I may have succeeded  in identifying the seven species found today. Very happy to be corrected though.

The one I'm least sure about (not that I'm sure about any).
Growing on a dead Sweet Chestnut tree, I think these are Armillaria tabescens or Ringless Honey Fungus?

 Common Yellow Russula (Russula ochroleuca).

 Candle-snuff Fungus (Xylaria hypoxylon.)

 Common Earthball  (Scleroderma citrinum)

  Many-zoned Polypore ( Coriolus versicolor) 
with unexpectedly pretty colours up close.

 Yellow Stagshorn Fungus (Calocera viscosa).

I'm pretty sure these charming little lumps are a form of
Dead Man's Fingers (Xylosphaera polymorpha).
Aptly named methinks!

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