Wednesday 23 December 2009

Caspian Gull

I didn't go and look at the swans again today, in fact the weather was so appalling I didn't get out and about with the dog either. With treacherous icy conditions early on and then this afternoon frequent heavy hail showers I decided to catch up on some housework instead. I wasn't in the least bit  surprised however when I got a phone call from Gav at just after 3.30 this afternoon, after all it doesn't matter what the weather brings, he'll still be grilling the gulls on the estuary. Today his determination was rewarded ( and rightly so) with a first winter Caspian Gull, a patch and Devon 'mega'. He calmly said " Come and look at this first winter Caspian Gull by the tram sheds." So I did. It was a really striking bird, surprisingly easy to pick out from the crowd too. It was also a lifer for me! Congrats on a great find Gav, and thanks for the call. =D

A reet bobby dazzler.

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