Thursday 3 December 2009

Fantastic Plastic!

Because of the sunny  weather this morning I decided to take Rex for his walk on Beer Head hoping to see the recent Ring Ouzel. It didn't appear to be there anymore. I wont say it wasn't there because I've not had much luck with this bird, not seeing it on a couple of occasions when other have done. I gave it half an hour though so chances are it's taken advantage of the short break in the windy weather to move on.
On the way home I decided to go the long way round and have a look over the river valley from various vantage points. Whilst driving past Bridge Marsh I couldn't help but notice that two new Swans had arrived, not because I'm fantastically quick at counting white blobs but because two of the blobs were black! Two Black Swans! I couldn't tell if they were 'unringed and wary'  but what's that matter? Even I can't deny that they're plastic. They're a very nice bird to see on patch though. Fantastic! :-)

Genuine Aussie Vagrants?

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