Sunday 14 February 2016

Rare Wildflowers in Sussex, Essex and Kent

Nearly at the end of my catch up posts, which is good because I already have a few things from this year to post. Here are a few botanical highlights from a couple of trips to the south east of England back in July and September.

Red Star Thistle at Cuckmere Haven East Sussex

Red Star Thistle - Centaurea calcitrapa

 The rather neglected information board for Childing Pink in Shoreham-By-Sea.
We were a bit late here and most plants were in seed but a few flowers remained.

Childing Pink - Petrorhagia nanteuilii

Red-tipped Cudweed - Filago lutescens
At its only site in West Sussex 

Broad-leaved Cudweed- Filago pyramidata 
Ranscombe Farm, Kent 

Least LettuceLactuca saligna
Rye Harbour East Sussex. 

Hogs Fennel - Peucedanum officinale
Near Walton-on-the Naze, Essex.

Saltmarsh Goosefoot - Chenopodium chenopodioides
Isle of Grain, Kent.

Sea BarleyHordeum marinum
In seed, and not rare either but makes a nice photo against the sunset I thought. 

Finally a new amphibian for me was this lovely Marsh Frog at Dungeness.



Ian Andrews said...

You can find Marsh frogs much nearer to home in the ditches behind Chesil Beach a few hundred yards west of the beach car park at West Bexington. They have the habit of sitting on the edge of the water which makes them easy to photograph and you can hear the distinct "plop" as you walk past.

David M. Gascoigne, said...

Wonderful series of images. Wild and rugged, the way that nature should be.

Karen Woolley said...

Ian - Thanks I'll remember to look for them if I'm ever at West Bexington.

David - Thankyou.