Wednesday 10 February 2016

Colourful Waxcaps

This autumn was a very good one for waxcaps, they were everywhere. Here's a selection from various locations including 'unimproved ' grassland, cemeteries and stately homes. Some are more easy to identify than others but I think I have all these correct.. well, possibly.

Blackening Waxcap - Hygrocybe conica

Meadow Waxcap - Hygrocybe pratensis

Snowy Waxcap - Hygrocybe virginea

Butter Waxcap - Hygrocybe ceracea

Cedarwood Waxcap - Hygrocybe russocoriacea
 This is easy to identify as it has a smell of cedar wood or Russian leather (whatever that smells like? Cedar wood I guess!)

Honey Waxcap Hygrocybe reidii
 This one smells of honey as it dries out.

Yellow Foot Waxcap Hygrocybe flavipes

Parrot Waxcap - Gliophorus psittacinus

Crimson Waxcap - Hygrocybe punicea

Spangle WaxcapHygrocybe insipida

Scarlet Waxcap - Hygrocybe coccinea

Vermilion Waxcap Hygrocybe miniata

Pink Waxcap - Hygrocybe calyptriformis
Also known as the Ballerina Waxcap as it looks like a pink tutu.


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