Thursday 10 December 2015

Upper Teesdale

Here's the second ( and rather belated) installment from our August trip up north featuring the botanically rich area of Upper Teesdale where I saw quite a few new plants and a new dragonfly too. I haven't got time to write much, so just the photos it is. I'll try my hardest to get all my backlog on here before the end of the year, but there's such a lot of it I'll have to put something on every day, just about.

Rainbow over the River Tees at Bowlees 

High Force:
The banks of the River Tees close to High Force is one of only a couple of locations in the UK where Shrubby Cinquefoil grows.

Shrubby Cinquefoil - Potentilla fruticosa

Whilst photographing the Shrubby Cinquefoil we spotted this Common Hawker ( not so common if you ask me. This is definitely the first I've managed to photograph and possibly the first I've seen too!)

Common Hawker Aeshna juncea

Giant Bellflower - Campanula latifolia

Most plants were seen in the Moor House, Widdy bank and Knock Fell area, including:

 Alpine Bistort - Polygonum viviparum

Alpine Bartsia - Bartsia alpina


Yellow Mountain Saxifrage - Saxifraga aizoides

Yellow Mountain Saxifrage - Saxifraga aizoides with
Alpine Bartsia - Bartsia alpina

Mountain Pansy - Viola lutea

Bird's-eye Primrose - Primula farinosa

Mountain Everlasting - Antennaria dioica

 Marsh Lousewort - Pedicularis palustris


Marsh Willlowherb - Epilobium palustre

Northern Bedstraw - Galium boreale

Pale Forget-me-not - Myosotis stolonifera

Scottish Aspodel - Tofieldia pusilla

Spring Sandwort Minuartia verna

  Starry Saxifrage - Saxifraga stellaris

Dwarf Milkwort - Polygala amarella 

Yellow Marsh Saxifrage - Saxifraga hirculus 

Masterwort - Imperatoria ostruthium


Wilma said...

Great strategy to show your lovely summer flowers now that the days are brief and the sun is in short supply. Beautiful images of the common hawker. The eyes are mesmerizing.

Steve Gale said...

I need to go there! More from the backlog please Karen...

Gavin Haig said...

Great stuff K, I love those shots where you get the plant in the foreground and blurry habbo in the background. Superb.

Karen Woolley said...

Wilma - I wish it was a strategy.. it's just been a lack of time. But yes, it's nice to look back at the summer in the dark days of winter.

Steve - Yes you do! More from the backlog soon ... almost daily I hope.

Gav - Thanks Gav. Yes, I love to get shots like that when at all possible, they give a real feel of still being there and are nice and arty to boot! :-)