Saturday 12 December 2015

Kingfishers Bridge

Kingfishers Bridge is a reserve in Cambridgeshire which twenty years ago was 300 acres of arable farmland. Read all about it here. We visited at the beginning of September hoping to see Water Germander and Cambridge Milk Parsley and were given a guided tour by the warden James.

The Fen at Kingfishers Bridge.
 Almost all of the plants in the foreground are Water Germander. There are literally hundreds of thousands of them!

The plants are quite large and robust compared to the plants at Braunton Burrows, the plant in the foreground is the not so welcome New Zealand Pigmyweed - Crassula helmsii.

Water Germander - Teucrium scordium


Cambridge Milk Parsley - Selinum carvifolia


Golden Dock - Rumex maritimus


 Catmint - Nepeta cataria

 Painted Lady on Water Mint - Mentha aquatica

They have some interesting animals grazing on the reserve including:

Asian Water Buffalo
These are used thin out the reed beds.

And a small herd of Konik Horses (Polish primitive horse).

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Wilma said...

An interesting place. Water buffalo!