Monday 14 December 2015

Silver-spotted Skipper and Chiltern Gentian at Aston Rowant

We popped in for a quick visit to the Aston Rowant reserve in the Oxfordshire Chilterns on our way to East Anglia at the beginning of September. It was early in the morning but the sun had already been out for a couple of hours by the time we arrived and so our target species Chiltern Gentian was nicely open and although it was still pretty chilly we saw a few Silver-spotted Skippers too.

Chiltern Gentian - Gentianella germanica

A stunning flower which could only be improved upon by having a Silver-spotted Skipper perched on it...

Silver-spotted Skipper - Hesperia comma on
Chiltern Gentian - Gentianella germanica


Wilma said...

What a great gentian! and then to get the skippers on it too!

Karen Woolley said...

Thanks for commenting folks .. I felt very lucky indeed! :-)