Thursday, 15 August 2013

Wood Sandpiper Gets onto Two of My Lists

Yes, one of them is my patch photo-yearlist, but only as a distant 'record shot' type thing, which is why the other list it gets onto is my list of enemies. Seven hours I spent at Black Hole Marsh at various times yesterday...and did it venture close enough for a nice photo? Did it ****! It stayed about as far away as it could possibly be and still be on Black Hole Marsh. In the end I plumped for a distant shot through a small gap in the vegetation along the path to the hide rather than spend another whole day waiting! Looking on the bright side I did manage to get another bird on the list namely Snipe, which came out in small numbers due to the miserable, rainy and gloomy conditions in the morning. During my late afternoon visit the sun came out briefly making for some nice photography conditions which was good because after a particularly heavy downpour quite a few Ringed Plovers arrived along with a lovely Sanderling, which are always a pleasure to see on patch. I also noticed that there's been a population explosion of Bank Voles on the island occupied by the island hide. They're everywhere! If they can't escape from the island it doesn't look good for their survival with inbreeding, disease etc. I took a few shots of them which proved to be quite tricky as they were too near (a phrase not oft' heard ).... unlike the Woodsand!

Yes, I know. I'm exaggerating a little I've taken worse, much worse!
Look at him there! You can almost hear the sniggering..

No. 115 Wood Sandpiper

No. 116 Snipe


Tim White said...

Yep, pretty good Sanderling pics! I think they must like you! Shame they never seem to hang around for much more than half a day :(

Brett said...

Great photos as always.