Monday 26 November 2012

Slim Pickings

It's been so persistently gloomy of late, even when it isn't blowing a hoolie and tanking it down! I've hardly been out at all. I have been down to the beach a few times hoping to see a Little Gull but there's been very few gulls around really. They usually love a good storm too. I did take a few photos of a couple of passing big gulls though, just for something to do really...

Obviously this one's a Great Black-backed Gull.

And this one's a 'truly stunning' second winter (?) Herring Gull.

Stormy conditions always bring dozens of Carrion Crows to the beach, they are very adept at breaking open mussels by dropping them from a great height, as captured in this 'breathtaking' image! Could have done with brighter conditions really.

While I was visiting Seaton Marshes today the sun made a brief appearance at the exact same time that a Chiffchaff did, which was rather fortuitous. The Chiffchaff caught a big fly which it devoured eagerly before spending the next few minutes frantically wiping its bill on a branch. Perhaps it didn't taste so good or was rather on the gooey side!

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