Wednesday 28 November 2012

Moth Fun

Well the moth trapping season was a bit of a wash out this year, I was really expecting some good results having a nice large and well vegetated garden as opposed to a few slabs and a bit of gravel at the old house. The weather obviously didn't help and most nights I couldn't set up the trap in case of rain and when it wasn't wet it was windy. The best catch I got was around 30 moths and most times it was just half a dozen or so. Dire. Anyway here are a few photos of some of what I did catch (those than didn't fly off) including an unidentified micro. Also photos of a nice bug and a stonking spider!

Some nights I only caught Buff Tips, but I'm not complaining because they're great. I had some fun with them thus....

Spot the moths! 
Yes, I know its easy from this distance but I honestly don't think I'll ever stop being amazed at how much they resemble a broken twig

Second generation Early Thorns, stunning moths!


Rosy Footman

Yellow Shell

Green Pug

Peppered Moth

Small Blood-vein

Small Fan-footed Wave

Common Emerald


Scalloped Oak

Swallowtail Moth


Pine Carpet

Eudonia truncicolella?

Grass Veneer

Couldn't put a name to this one.... ??

The beautiful Hawthorn Shieldbug
 and the not quite so beautiful...

Woodlouse Spider. 
This beastie was lurking under a plant pot which I moved to get at a couple of moths that were behind it. 
I remember being quite startled. What a monster it is! Just look at the size of those fangs!

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Stewart said...

Hi Karen, You drab moth may be 1386 Opsibotys fuscalis.