Tuesday, 10 August 2010

A Patch Tick.....Or is it?

The first patch tick for a long time for me today, when Ian M spotted a female Red-crested Pochard  flying up the river, it landed out of view but was refound later at Coronation Corner by Steve, this being where I  eventually caught up with it.

Can I tick it though?  Probably not....
Nobody's seen its legs yet!!

I had spent most of the morning getting drenched in the rain at Black Hole Marsh hoping to see the Wood Sandpiper that Steve had found there first thing. I eventually managed to see it in flight a couple of times, it was extremely flighty for a Woodsand, they're usually so 'bombproof'. Plenty of other nice waders on BHM to look at though. I also spent a couple of hours down there last night and took a few photos.

The 'very popular' new bank along the edge of Back Hole Marsh.
 All for the greater good though, I'm sure :-)
Ringed Plovers 
A new plant for me at Coyford Common was this Orange Balsam.

And a couple of moths, the moth trap's only been in action once in the last week and there was only one new moth, this awe inspiring...
Lime Speck Pug.

I thought this next moth was new because I'd temporarily forgotten the one caught last year which was faded, battered and a bit dead, as can be seen here.
How a Pebble Hooktip should look

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