Saturday, 28 August 2010

Another Good Day on Patch

I was a bit late arriving at Beer Head this morning ( the urge to stay in bed was just too great) thus missing most of the best birds on offer. I could probably have caught up with the Pied Flycatcher and possibly the Spotted Flycatchers, but instead decided to join Bun for a look around the Beer Cemetery Fields, there wasn't much variety but I was very pleased to see at least six possibly seven Spotted Flycatchers here. I really do like Spotted Flycatchers, a loteven though they're not very colourful and haven't got much of a song they have that 'je ne sais quoi' - character I suppose. I've never managed to get a decent photo of one before, well before today! A couple of them were very well behaved, like so.
This one was looking very dapper
 sporting a fine blackberry based hat.
This smart Yellowhammer distracted me for a while,
 another underrated bird I reckon.

While we were at the Cemetery Fields Steve called to say he'd found a Cattle Egret. It had landed in with some cows in a field between Seaton Marshes and Black Hole Marsh. We decided to go down there for a look, like you do. It wasn't easy to get close enough for a photo, but we had very nice views non the less.
Distant Cattle Egret..quite a good photo of the cow though.
Even worse photo of the Cattle Egret.
..Quite a good one of Phil though ( not trespassing, obviously) hiding behind the hedge ...
Wonder what he's taking a photo of...
...The Cattle Egret obviously..And couple of birders who are also NOT trespassing!
Any similarity to Bun and I is purely coincidental
( Thanks for the use of photo Phil).

Whilst leaving Beer Head I looked out to sea and noticed a sure sign that it's August Bank Holiday weekend, a mass of 'weekend fishermen' racing out of Axmouth Harbour towards Beer Head. What's the rush!? Fishermen are a strange lot aren't they?
"First one there gets THE fish!!"

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