Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Playing Possum

The moth trap was operational on Monday night ( although it doesn't work entirely alone you know and I sometimes feel a bit guilty that Bun has to do all the early morning switching off duty while I remain tucked up in bed at home). One new species for the garden was caught, that being Cypress Carpet,  a fairly recent coloniser of Britain. Also in the catch were another Marbled White Spot and Brown-tail, both of which were caught the previous night too but I managed to lose them! The Brown-tail that was 'on the run' somewhere in my kitchen turned up on the same morning so I was able to photograph them both. This time instead of flying off and hiding they 'played possum' that is, they pretended to be dead. From what I've read about the Brown-tail (and its larvae) on the old  internet (apparently, for instance, several London Boroughs can order you to destroy any you find) a lot of people would be very happy indeed if they were, what with their evil hairy caterpillars shedding their poisonous hairs hither and thither. Be afraid! Today southern England tomorrow the world! Muwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ah-aha-a-a-aaaaaaa!!!
Look we're dead......
.........I'm definitely dead....
Only kidding! 
Even at 4fps my camera couldn't get an unblurred flight shot.
I took this photo to show the spectacular set of antennae that this moth has. I mean, just look at them! (and NOT at my embarrassingly filthy window!)
Marbled White Spot
Cypress Carpet
I don't usually bother much with micos but this one took my fancy. I think it's Dioryctria sylvestrella or possibly Dioryctria abietella. Anyone know their micros?


Anonymous said...

Everything looks right for sylvestrella.
C`mon Karen, give them micros a bit more blogtime :-)

sebi_2569 said...

nice photo; nice blog; bravo