Sunday, 11 July 2010

And Bird Number 300 is....

River Warbler!! Went back to Norfolk for the Saturday morning viewing and this time success! I got my wish of actually seeing the bird singing too. Brilliant! I only went back because Phil was driving this time, Joe and Bun also came along. You can read about it here ( without copious amounts of whinging for once) coz I'm still a little bit dazed and finding writing a chore. We were hoping to fit the White-tailed Plover at Slimbridge in on the way home but time constraints and the absolutely awful traffic situation meant we never made it. Bun kindly agreed to go up there with me for it today ( he'd seen it before at Seaforth) but it had done a bunk, all the way to Dungeness in fact, just about as far away it could be and still be in England! ****** pants!!*  I could go on about how Slimbridge was a nice day out and worth the money but to be honest the best thing about it was the bacon roll! I'm sure it would be just lovely with about 99% less people there.

I took a few digiscoped shots of the River Warbler singing, mainly because Phil said I'd never get a photo with it in the bush like it was, and I love a challenge! Perhaps he actually said I'd never get a decent photo? In which case he'd be right.
Can you tell what it is yet?
How about now? 
Well you can see the part where the song's coming from.

I took some video too. Really shonky. The bird is right on the right hand side. You will have to turn the sound right up to hear the song due to all the noisy twitchers but the best thing is you can see the whole bird vibrating with the effort of his singing. 

*     Insert any  'sentence enhancer'  of your choice that you'd never hear a person as genteel and cultured as myself utter. 

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