Wednesday 5 May 2010

Brown is Beautiful

No, NOT Gordon Brown! (You wont ever see any mention of him on here, well apart from just then!) But these gorgeous creatures.
 Waved Umber.
Our first new moth for a while.

And on the estuary this afternoon I somehow managed to creep up on this  lovely Whimbrel -  in my bright red car! It was having such a successful time feeding on juicy worms it just didn't seem to mind my being there. Usually when you pull up next to Whimbrel they immediately fly to the other side of the river. Photographic opportunities are therefore a bit thin on the ground so I was very pleased to get this one. I will  now celebrate most self indulgently by boring you ( unless like me you really, really like Whimbrel) with far too many of my efforts.


Kevin Murphy said...

An excellent series of behavioural shots.

Unknown said...

Lovely photographs.

Anonymous said...

Superb Whimbrel shots Karen. I`m also envious of your Waved Umber. A species i`m longing to see.

kirstallcreatures said...

Great shots, you can never really tire of a Whimbrel can you.