Thursday 18 June 2009

Yellow-legged Gull

Ian M found an adult Yellow-legged Gull on the estuary at Coronation Corner late this morning. I'd had a lie in, but it was worth getting dressed and rushing out to see it. A real big brute it was too. A bit distant and glary for decent photos but here's a couple of efforts non the less.

Distant and blurry..

Closer and blurrier.

Simply can't have a blog entry without a flower picture, so seeing as I was already at Coronation Corner I popped round to Axmouth Cemetery, to see this...

Fox and Cubs - A red hawkweed, which is an introduced naturalized species. Could also be a garden escape, but it's very nice. Well, I think so.

Because of my lie in this morning I missed the ringing at Colyford Common. That wont stop me publishing some ringing photos though because I took a few at last Monday's session but never got around to posting them on here, so I'll do it now to pad out this entry a bit. :-)

Long-tailed Tit

Female Kingfisher

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