Tuesday 2 June 2009

And Here's One I Missed Earlier

Bright and early this morning, very early, I was once again on Goat Island, this time with Gav. On this occasion I was lucky enough to spot an orchid which I had missed on Saturday, its inconspicuous spikes, highlighted somewhat by the low angle of the early morning sun. The Common Twayblade, one of the most common and widespread orchids in Britain. It was the first time I'd seen one though. That makes FIVE species of orchid on Goat Island (at the moment).A couple of the Pyramidal Orchids were beginning to open too. Also from the golf course, distant views of my first , yes FIRST Sandwich Terns of the year on patch, patch year-tick number....(actually I don't know but will count them up soon, possibly..)

Inconspicuous spikes

Side and front close-ups of Common Twayblade flowers.
nondescript colour, but fascinating shapes.

Pyramidal Orchid

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