Tuesday 30 June 2009

Up Close and Personal

Seeing as Sunday's close up shots of Wood Ants turned out quite well, I decided to stick my lens right in the face of another couple of unfortunates this morning.

Bloody-nosed Beetle

Marbled White.
I could only get this close because...

... it was preoccupied.

Neither beetle nor butterflies seemed to mind my intrusion, I know for sure this didn't...

Small Scabious

While I was on Axe Cliff harassing invertebrates I was missing a Wood Sandpiper at Colyford Common. I went down there later to see it but it flew off just as I was approaching the hide. Now I'm safely back at home and due in work shortly it's back again! Oh well..


JRandSue said...

Outstanding Images.
Lots to like.

Wilma said...

These are fantastic images. I have tried to emulate your perspective, but lack your resolution. ;-(

Karen Woolley said...

Thanks for comments, I'm pleased the results of my crawling about in the undergrowth are appreciated. :-)

Kay said...

Crippling macro shots there Karen - love it!