Tuesday 16 June 2009

Another Walk to Culverhole

This morning I took Rex for a nice long walkies along Axe Cliff into the Undercliff and eventually down into Culverhole. I wanted to have another look in Culverhole because I knew that there was a chance that I would be able to see Marsh Helleborine. It's about two weeks too early for them according to my books, but I couldn't wait! Besides that 'lots of things' seem to be emerging/flowering early this year. So I was optimistic. The weather was lovely and warm and so I was also hoping to see some butterflies and dragonflies too, and you never know even a bird or two!

I took loads of photos today so I'll just recount my walk in photos, like this:

There were a surprising amount of dragonflies on Axe Cliff itself, including this female Broad-bodied Chaser.

Also a couple of these. Golden-ringed Dragonfly.
I also saw a male BB Chaser, an Emperor and a female Black-tailed Skimmer.

At my favourite corner of Axe Cliff there is a small area of wildflower rich grass, I always come here to look for butterflies, I visited on numerous occasions last year but never saw any Pyramidal Orchids, this year there are hundreds of them!

It was here that I saw this: My first Marbled White of the year.

Also this Cinnabar Moth
(you can see loads of these at Weeting Heath in Norfolk, it'll cost you £2.50 mind ;-) )

I didn't spot the juvenile Stonechats today but I did see a Buddleia bush full of lovely 'brand new' Common Whitethroats, like this one. :-)

The view from the footpath on The Undercliff down to Culverhole. The orchid I was after was down there somewhere.

Once down in Culverhole I got my first ever photo of a Wood White. Also on the wing were Dingy Skipper, Common Blue and Large Skipper.

After much clambering about and sinking in another bog I eventually spotted some small clumps of Marsh Helleborine, They don't look much from a distance.

They're behind you!
I was quite exited to find them but Rex just looked at me as if to say, "So what! I don't care if you've just found 'The Lost Treasure of The Sierra Madre' - I could do with a bit of shade here!"

They are really stunning close up though...Look!

I also stumbled upon this...

A Bee Orchid.
Just the one - but it's on patch!

After lunch I made a quick visit to Lower Bruckland Ponds, hoping to get a photo of the male Scarce Chaser I saw on my last visit, and here he is...

There were lots of Six-spot Burnet Moths here too, I took a few snaps including this one and the 'artistic' one below.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent set of photos, Karen. Brill stuff.