Monday 17 November 2008

Another Kind of Twitching

On the 6th of September at exactly 16:34 I had a text from Gav which said “You’ve just missed a Long-tailed Skua.” It was hideous and immediately went on the record as 'the worst text ever'. Gav may be pleased to know that today it was well and truly supplanted from this position by one I received at 10:17 this fine morning from Steve. It said something like:

“I really recommend the Junco Karen, which I’ve seen already because I went really early, and although I took Bun with me, I didn't call you coz I assumed you would still be snoring your head off in bed you lazy git!! It was really, really stunning! You must see it! Perhaps some other sucker will take you? Or you could even get your finger out and take yourself!!”

Obviously these aren’t his exact words, but it’s exactly what came across to me! I was gutted :(

Seriously though, I admit I could have gone on my own but quite frankly the idea of twitching a bird in a place I’ve never been to before, alone, doesn’t really appeal to me however badly I’d like to see the bird in question; because to me most of the pleasure of seeing a brilliant bird is sharing the experience with others. Perhaps that makes me weird, I don’t know….

Needless to say the only twitching I’ve done today was when my tranquilizers wore off!!

I’ve had to spend the day looking at nice soothing pictures like this one:

Aahh!..... A cute puppy, Now I feel better!

Normal service may be resumed when I find my toys…..


Gavin Haig said...

I'm pleased that my heartless gloating has been toppled from the no.1 spot. I'm a bit concerned that you had perfect recall of the time, date and precise wording though - I know someone else who remembers past misdemeanours in similarly exact fashion. Clearly a trait of the fairer sex....

Anyway, don't worry, coz Dark-eyed Juncos regularly turn up in back gardens - I saw one in very similar circumstances only about 18 years ago, so shouldn't be long before the next! :-)

Karen Woolley said...

Thanks for those soothing words Gav, I feel so-o-o- much better! I'm sure the 18 years or so will fly by!! :)

Steve Waite said...

Karen, had I stayed with my original plan then we all would have gone and seen it! Sorry my plans changed....and at 5am I didn't think it would be fair to wake you up if you didn't want to go. Had I known the evening before I was going to leave early then I would have pre-warned you obviously! I was planning for a late morning bash originally.

Apologies again, and obviously there is always a seat for you when I go anywhere.

Do I get a prize for being number one?

Karen Woolley said...

Steve - I may be daft, but even I wouldn't give a prize for the most gripping text!! Imagine the possible results; I could end up in enforced 'puppy therapy' for months, years even!!;-)

Thanks for the apology I appreciate it :)

Gavin Haig said...

Don't worry, Steve - I will quite happily give a prize for the most gripping text Karen receives. ;-)