Saturday, 1 November 2008

A (very) Distant Water Pipit

I haven't done much if any birding since Tuesday, completely due to the the cold weather I admit. I have however been spending a bit of time helping Martha do an outdoor painting as part of a community art project. It's been fun but really, really freezing!! Full details, and piccies tomorrow (if you can wait that long) when hopefully it will be finished.

Today I saw a nice Water Pipit on Black Hole Marsh, a new part of the reserve. Here's a nice view of said marsh through the rain and murk from the Farm Gate (very detailed if you open it, it's huge!):

On the edge of the water, to the extreme left of the picture was, amongst other birds (greensand, dunlin, mipits, pied wags, swans etc.) the aforementioned nice Water Pipit. You obviously can't see it from here, but I could, I got an amazing photo of it too considering the distance! Obviously I didn't go any where near Black Hole Marsh itself, I'm far too well behaved!

Distant Water Pipit

Post only short and very late as I've been watching Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. It was erm erm... eehhw!!.... I'm speechless!!

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