Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Wall Lizards

Here are a few photos of Wall Lizards (Podarcis muralis) which I saw on Portland back on March 6th. A new lizard species for me which were very entertaining to watch. I even managed to get some photos of  interactions including mating.

The colour varies between brown like this one and much more green individuals which are mostly the males I think.

Like this one. They also have a few bright blue scales along the lower flank as can also be seen here.
Again this feature is more common on males.

They can be seen pressing their body flat against the rock surface for maximum warmth.

This Bloody Nose Beetle was a little too big to become a meal.

A larger male was approaching this individual which caused it to engage in a rather endearing leg waving behaviour. Its little legs started waving around like windmills.

This encounter ended with the smaller lizard making a hasty retreat after its submissive display.

This female was ignoring the easy meal right beside her as she was watching an approaching male.

He grasps her by the tail 

He gradually moves his grip to the middle of her body before copulation takes place but they moved behind the rock out of sight before this happened.
Who wouldn't with a paparazzo snapping away!


Wilma said...

Very entertaining! Great images.

Sami Niilola said...

Amazing lizards!

Ian Andrws said...

I knew Portland had to have something going for it! Can I ask where you saw them?

Karen Woolley said...

Thanks Wilma

Thanks for commenting Sami, it's appreciated.

Ian - Coast path between Church Hope and Rufus Castle

Karen Woolley said...

That should be Church Ope

Ian Andrews said...

Many thanks Karen; found quite a few at the old quarry under the car park on the East Coast road.