Tuesday 23 September 2014

Success and Failure

A couple more visits to Black Hole Marsh today and there's now only one Little Stint and guess what? Yes, it stayed miles away! I don't know why I want to get a photo of one because I got a few nice ones the other week. It's just setting oneself a challenge I suppose. On this evening's visit the Kingfisher was trying its luck again from on the wires, still a bit distant and the light wasn't as good, on the first attempt it caught a sizable fish and didn't return for quite some time. When it did reappear it had a few unsuccessful attempts before finally catching another good sized fish.Unfortunately by the time it did this it was getting too dark for any more photos. They're not the best photos of a Kingfisher in action your ever likely to see, not by a long way, but tell you what, it was great fun getting them!


 Better luck next time.

That's better!
(this one's very poor due to failing light )


Ian Andrews said...

Well they're better than the ones I've got; I'd be rather chuffed with the one of the bird . fish and reflection.

Karen Woolley said...

I am happy with them Ian, Well I was..They are a bit too poignant now as the bird in them was taken by a peregrine yesterday. It was living dangerously fishing from overhead wires, out in the open :-(

Natasha said...

Gorgeous shots of the Kingfisher, they look amazing! - Tasha xxx