Tuesday 2 September 2014

Just A Few Birds From Black Hole Marsh

I'm not finding much time to fit in any birding at the moment but I did managed to get down to Black Hole Marsh on my bike this morning. I saw some nice birds, nothing too exciting which is a good job because my phone's totally knackered! No car and now no phone...sad times :-( Rarest bird by Black Hole Marsh standards was a lone Turnstone, common as muck in many places but scarce on our patch.

All the usual waders were present, with the best this morning being four Greenshanks and a couple of lovely Ruff, male and female. 

A Green Sandpiper came close enough for a photo for a change.


This photo shows the marked size difference between the Ruff and the Reeve really well. Sometimes depending on perspective it's not quite as apparent.

Like here. Different sizes but doesn't look as obvious, well not to me anyway!

More so again here though.
The male didn't hang around near the hide for long but the female did and I got a few nice shots of her.

It was much quieter down at the tower hide but I took some photos of a few of the usual suspects there.


Little Grebe

I can see you!
This female Kingfisher didn't fool me with her cryptic plumage ;-)

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