Thursday, 29 May 2014

Ross's Gull

What was slightly more surprising than hearing that there was a Ross's Gull at Bowling Green Marsh this morning was getting a text from Steve saying he was going for it! Myself, Bun and Ian M joined him but didn't hold out much hope as the tide was falling and gulls at Bowling Green invariably head out onto the Exe Estuary at low tide. Just as we arrived we got the expected news that it had flown off down the river but within a couple of minutes Steve had spotted it! It was tucked up asleep behind some rushes being one of just two gulls on the pools near the hide. It eventually woke up and began feeding, giving very good scope views, including several flight views as it was hassled by Crows and a Little Egret. Unfortunately it was always a bit distant for good photos, I digiscoped a few record shots though. My 350th bird! I'd never have predicted it being a Ross's Gull.

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