Thursday, 8 May 2014

My Yearly Homage To The Duke of Burgundy

I just have to go out searching for him every year, diminutive yet spectacular, a tiny jewel amongst the lush greenery of spring. He just makes me happy! It took three attempts to see him this year due mainly to being unable to get out when the weather was favourable. Bank holiday Monday was the day when I was eventually honored by an audience with him. The site was Buckland Wood in The Blackdown Hills, Somerset.

 Duke of Burgundy
Proving (to me at least) that small and brown can be beautiful!

One to show his size

This year I'm always on the look out for wildflowers everywhere I visit and I photographed a few at Buckland Wood

Changing Forget-Me-Not

Wild Strawberry

The white form of Bugle.
I've seen pink ones before but this was a first for me.

After Buckland Wood I travelled a mile or so down the road to a Somerset Wildlife Trust reserve called Brimley Hill Mire. I had heard that there was an impressive display of Lousewort there (thanks Roger) so thought I'd get some photos of it. I have seen it before on a couple of Marsh Fritillary sites in the past but hadn't given it much attention. It's worth a close look though. It's a pretty bizarre looking plant.

Typical flower assembledge at Brimley Hill Mire. 
Including Lousewort, Heath Milkwort, and Tormentil

There were large carpets of Lousewort.

Lousewort and Heath Milkwort

This plant in a more grassy area was taller and greener.

Heath Milkwort


Yellow Pimpernel


Wilma said...

The macros of the Duke and the flowers are quite something.

JRandSue said...

Hi, great shots of the Duke. We are visiting family in the area last week of May, will they still be there? Never been to this woods before, is there a particular area we should look at?
Thanks Sue and John

Karen Woolley said...

Possibly John, E-mail me and I'll give you directions.