Sunday, 25 May 2014

Burnt-tip Orchids and Fly x Bee

We had to go to Winchester on Friday and I was planning on stopping off at Parsonage Down on the way back to see the Burnt-tip Orchids there, but the traffic was so bad we didn't get time in the end which was very frustrating. Today I decided to go back, and to solve the traffic problem set off nice and early at 5.30. On the way we would be passing the site for Fly x Bee Orchids in Somerset and it would be rude not to stop and look at them. I last saw them two years ago and it was good to see good numbers of them again this year, albeit looking a bit on the soggy side.

Say what you see... I still see....
Evil purple teddy in elaborate horned helmet, but that's probably just me!

Soggy Bee Orchid

Burnt-tip Orchids

A really beautiful morning on Parsonage Down
Lovely light for photos too!

A couple of site shots featuring 'yours truly'.
There were hundreds of Burnt-tip Orchids in this small area alone.

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