Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Normal Service Will Resume.....

Sometime. I was hoping to say shortly... yes, shortly. Well hopefully...  I'm afraid going out birding etc and especially blogging about it afterwards have had to be put on the back burner of late. It wasn't until today I realized just how long it is since I wrote anything on here. Quite a bit of upheaval on the home front I'm afraid. Shouldn't last forever though.

I did go over Beer Head to Hooken Beach on  Sunday looking for Small Blues but drew a blank. I almost, very nearly, went for the Caspian Tern at West Bexington today... I didn't. I'm regretting it immensely now :-(

On  Beer Head I saw this new information board. Strange mixture of illustrations on it. I did see the Purple Gromwell which was as lovely as ever but try as I might the Monarch, (yes that's right the Monarch!) eluded me!

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Ian Andrews said...

Well I for one am glad to see you back. Missed the blog loads. If it wasn't for Kingcombe Meadows and Powerstock Common looking so fantastic in the sun I might have gone looking for you!