Thursday, 11 October 2012

Spotted Crake on Axe Estuary Still

Since last Sunday, after not being seen for about four weeks the Spotted Crake as been showing for much more extended periods and more frequently too. It is still only seen on the one stretch of the river from the Tower Hide (Note, if you're here looking for gen on this bird it is NOT on Black Hole Marsh as is being reported on Birdguides but on the River). I popped down in the torrential rain this lunchtime on may way to the shops, just on the off chance that it may be showing and after a few minutes it appeared and remained periodically in view for around an hour. Well that's how long I was watching it for but it was still on show when I left. Although the weather conditions were dire I tried to get a photo of it, I didn't take my new camera along as the weather was too wet but had my compact so I digiscoped it. A couple came out okay considering. I also shot a bit of video of it taking a bath, though considering the weather I don't know why this was necessary! ( It taking a bath that is, not me shooting some video).

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