Friday, 19 October 2012

Borrow Pit... Home of 'Broken' Chiffchaffs

Earlier in the week on Monday I think it was I saw a funny looking Chiffchaff in willows by the Borrow Pit on Saeton Marshes. It appeared to have either a broken or deformed bill. I took this photo.

It's a little too distant to see the bill clearly.
Today the bird was still in the same place and I got some clearer shots of it...

Definitely deformed, not broken, here's a closer view...

Poor thing!
 Although it must be managing to eat okay. It certainly looks in good condition in all other respects.

Another Chiffchaff that I photographed there today was also 'broken', this time in the wing department. Mind you, when I say broken it could actually fly but not for very long at a time I suspect. Again, I can't tell whether the wing as been damaged in an accident or it has a congenital weakness.

I don't think this one will be continuing with its migation. Could well spend the winter on Seaton marshes though, if we have a mild one.

A perfectly formed Chiffy, well part of one anyway!

I think the bird in these two photos may be a late Willow Warbler? It has pale pinkish legs and the wings look long to me.

If only more birds were as obliging as this Robin.

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