Monday 14 May 2012

Sanderling on Black Hole Marsh

Not that big a deal I know, but Sanderling is (or was until this year, I heard today that some were on the beach every morning last week) a pretty rare bird on patch. I certainly can't remember having taken any photos of one before. This bird was the only wader on Black Hole Marsh this evening. There were lots of  Sand Martins and House Martins around  as well, but that's all. I've got lots of stuff piling up in my photos folder waiting to get on here but I'm not finding the time at the moment. Perhaps tomorrow?


Steve Waite said...

Nice pics Karen. I did text you last week when I had the whole load of Sanderlings. Did you not get mi text? Did you get the RN Parakeet text?


Karen Woolley said...

Thanks Steve.

Yes I did get the text about the Sanderling,if I remember correctly, it was that horrible wet and foggy morning so I didn't come to see them.

I wasn't suggesting any suppression just remarking that I'd heard that they had been seen every day which is very unusual for here, that's all!

I did get the text about the parakeet too. It had already gone though I presumed from the wording.