Friday 27 April 2012

Wheatears on Posts

I can't remember the last time I took a photo of a Wheatear on a post, and that'll never do. When I started this blog way back in September 2008 I promised (or threatened if you like) to put at least 100 Wheatear photos on it. I'm nowhere near that yet ( not that I've counted them). So to rectify this here are a couple of Wheatears, two of the three that were on the track at Seaton Marshes this morning and only the fourth , fifth and sixth I've seen on patch this year. Where have I been!? I added up my patch year list and it's a good thing I'm not in this year's competition because I've only got 113 so far! Dire.


This one is on a post so it does count.



Nick Facey said...

Great pictures.

Wilma said...

ditto. these are lovely portraits.

Karen Woolley said...

Thanks Wilma and Nick, glad you like them. I was very pleased how they turned out:-)