Wednesday 31 August 2011

Young Kingfisher and Morons

I was lucky enough to get good views of this young Kingfisher on the estuary this morning. It was a shame the weather was so gloomy. I haven't seen a lot else toady it's pretty quiet. I went up Axe Cliff this afternoon and saw one bird, that's right just one bird! A Dunnock. This evening I was planning on spending a pleasant hour or so watching the valley from the farm gate viewpoint. Well, that was until I opened the car door, at which point the stink literally took my breath away. Some dirty bastards had emptied their chemical toilet on the grass at the edge of the layby. They must really appreciate the local area. That's right, come here on holiday cover the place in s**t!  Morons! Sometimes I wish it was winter already :-(

Anyway enough of that, have a look at the lovely Kingfisher.


Skev said...

Nice Kingfisher!
Bloody grockles!!

Wilma said...

what a beauty that kingfisher is!

Karen Woolley said...

Thanks for comments folks