Saturday 6 August 2011

Pectoral Sandpiper on Black Hole Marsh

Tonight I saw what I think was my fourth Pectoral Sandpiper on patch ( in fact I haven't seen one off-patch) It was found on Black Hole Marsh quite late this afternoon, a bit too late for me to see it before work. I rushed down there to see it straight after instead ( coz I like Pec Sands they're nice!) but unfortunately the weather was awful. Most evenings when I leave work it's still quite sunny, but not today, menacing dark clouds made it seem like nightfall was coming early. Still I got really nice views considering. Interestingly it appeared to be the only wader on the marsh apart from the resident Oystercatchers, so it was really easy to find, which was good news after my embarrassing  attack of Rare Wader Blindness this morning. To be honest though I didn't have to find it, James Mc was there when I arrived and pointed it out to me. I wonder if I'd still be there now if he hadn't? ;-) I took a couple of  photos in the murk, just in case it does a moonlight flit tonight. I hope not, I'd like have another attempt.

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