Friday 12 August 2011

Wood Sandpipers

I was away in Exeter this morning and I'd forgotten to take my phone. Strangely this made me feel quite anxious, I used to go everywhere without a phone in the 'old days' without a care in the world, so why can't I now? Afraid of missing something I suppose. The most annoying thing was that nowhere seemed to have a clock (assuming everyone has a phone I presume) which made getting back to the car before my ticket ran out was a bit tricky. Anyway when I got home I had missed a couple of text messages about three Wood Sandpipers on Black Hole Marsh, one of which was also warning me how jam packed full the hide was. I was tempted to leave it  until after work again but I cracked and went down there anyway. The hide was indeed pretty full but I didn't have to go into it because the Woodsands were showing well through the gaps in the wooden screening  along the edge of the marsh. They were too near to get a nice shot with all three in it but I managed to get a few nice shots of one of them. Always nice to see... and my favourite wader I think ( well this week anyway!)

I got one photo of  two of them together but they were preening a lot which made getting them both in focus rather difficult. So I concentrated on one instead.


Rob said...

A lovely wader and photos to match. The one with the wings up looks very sculptural.

John said...

Hi Karen,
Lovely shots of the Wood Sands! We have been lucky in the area today and had two birds at my local patch, although not close enough for any shots!

Karen Woolley said...

Thanks Guys, Not too often you get this close to them, I was very jammy! :-)