Monday, 4 July 2011

Water Voles

I've still got lots of stuff to get on here including a very successful  trip to see Purple Emperor at Bentley Wood on Sunday, I haven't sorted through my hundreds of photos yet! Here are some photos from today though. They were taken at Black Hole Marsh where a family of Water Voles are showing superblyly well, off and on. They originate from the 2009/2010 re-intoduction scheme in the Lower Axe area. Great to see them doing so well here at least!
 Mostly photos were turning out like this one.There was always something in the way! But during the six hours (!) I was there a few better opportunities did present themselves.
( please click to view full size pictures, it makes all the difference!)
One of the adults; they were much more wary than the two youngsters.
They are also a bit less adorable, only a bit though!
Youngster one: and if you think that's cute check out youngster two..
Late addition of a short video clip:


Wilma said...

pretty adorable, for sure! I think it is because they seem ever so slightly cross-eyed. ;-) Great photos, Karen.

Skev said...

Superb shots Karen - seems a lifetime since I last saw Water Vole (and it not far off is, haven't seen one since I was a school kid!).

Karen Woolley said...

Thanks Wilma...Yes I see what you mean!

Thanks Mark..I remember when I were a girl, Water rats (as we knew them) were commonplace on the River Trent. Which is strange because I remember it being pretty polluted back then.