Friday, 25 June 2010

Unusual Bee Orchids

I'd heard that there were some Bee Orchids just down the road at Branscombe so I popped over there today to have a quick look at them. They didn't have the typical Bee Orchid markings, nor did they resemble any of the variants that I have seen in my books or on the web. Anyone seen this variant before?
Each of the flowers were slightly different
 but all lacked the purple speculum seen in the typical form.

Yesterday  I went to look for Dragonflies at Lower Bruckland Ponds and saw most of the usual suspects seen at this time of year and photographed a few.
Four-spotted Chaser
Black-tailed Skimmers.
Scarce Chaser, I just love the blue eyes on these.

I actually managed to get a flight shot of a Beautiful Demoiselle
Well, sort of.
Martha found this ickle Toad (toadlet?)
Moth trap has been back out at Bun's for a couple of nights, two new moths for the garden have been Clouded Brindle, (didn't warrant a photo, I'm getting picky )and this nice
  Sharp-angled Peacock



Can I just say that I copied your moth trap "vanes" this afternoon, using cardboard rather than plastic, and already it is producing many satisfying "thunks" as large moths clatter into it and then down the funnel. Excellent idea, though if it is as successful as you say, I will be spending hours going through them.
Jonathan in Mothstead

Backward Birder said...

Gorgeous dragons, Karen! How did you get so close?? [Or do you just have a massive zoom on your camera? ;) ]

[[As you may be unsurprised to learn, I've no idea about the orchids! ;) ]]

Karen Woolley said...

Hope it works Jonathan. Here's wishing you many concussed moths! ;-)

Yes Tom, super-zoom (20x) Not brilliant for birds but great for dragons! ;-)

catharine said...

love the dragonfly photos:)
If you're still scrounging willow leaves, you're welcome to help yourself from our tree - Steve knows where I live :)