Thursday, 10 June 2010

Garden Gnome Fablon

Strange blog post title I know,  it's another search term someone used to find there way to my blog. I've no idea what 'garden gnome Fablon' is but you wont find any here. I've got some moths though, seven new species for the garden trapped last night. These are the first new moths we've had for a while because we took the trap out and about for the first time last week, but had a little mishap connecting it to the generator and erm... sort of... 'blew it up'... a little bit, well more like melted it!!

Scorched Wing
Pale Bordered Brindle
Lobster Moth
Ingrailed Clay (I think)
Clouded Silver
Chinese Character
Beautiful Golden Y
I don't know what this is, though I guess it's very worn.

 A  Male Cockchafer
Before agricultural intensification these beetles were especially problematic, so much so that adults were caught and killed to break the life cycle, in 1911,more than 20 million individuals were collected in 18 km² of forest. A less conventional approach was taken during 1320, when the cockchafers (as a species) were taken to court in Avignon, France where they were ordered to leave town and relocate to a specially designated area, or be outlawed. All cockchafers who failed to comply were collected and killed. ( uk)


Steve Waite said...

I'd go with Whit-pinion Spotted for the white one. Just not holding its wings how the book says!!!

Wilma said...

That is quite an assortment of moths, Karen. And thanks for the interesting tidbit of history of humankind's interaction with cockchaffers!

Anonymous said...

I don't know but that moth looks suspiciously like the very scarce and much sought after Garden Gnome Fablon.
Beautiful variety and pics!

Karen Woolley said...

Thanks for comments :-)

Rob - That made me laugh - nice one! =D