Sunday, 9 August 2009

Woodsands Invade

I haven't seen anything much to write about all week except the fabulous Little Terns on Tuesday of course, but they were very well covered by the other local bloggers, suffice to say I got very, very wet and eventually saw them well, a mere NINE hours after they were first seen. Yesterday I was pretty miffed to have gone to Black Hole Marsh and failed to see the two Wood Sandpipers and Little Stint that were there, I must have been looking through the wrong end of my scope again!

Well all that changed this morning when I returned, determined too try harder, and almost immeadiately saw three Wood Sandpipers, they landed right in front of the entrance gate and I was just about to get some stunning digiscoped images when Phil arrived and they were inevitably flushed. We soon relocated them and now there were FOUR of them! Four is definitely the most I've ever seen together. They looked superb as usual, but unfortunately the morning sun is right in front you at Black Hole Marsh, making decent photos nigh on impossible. I was hoping to creep up on them and try anyway (like you do) but other birders just kept on arriving, foiling my cunning plan. What I did manage though was a distant shot with all four in it, like so....

Four Woodsands and a Dunlin,
you really can see them if you open it, promise.

I would love to go back this evening and try for a photo or two but I've got to go up t'north 'til Monday night. I don't suppose they'll still be here on Tuesday :(

A nice Woodsand photo opportunity would also have been an ideal chance to try out this:

I just couldn't help myself.
The opportunity came my way, it was a steal, and I'm sure all the hype surrounding this camera (one of the best cameras ever made etc.etc..) is true because Gav gets some superb results with his.

I didn't get chance to use it today but on the day I got it I had a quick stab at one of my 3 million resident Sparrows, a cutesy brand new one at that.

Not bad.
I'll try a proper side by side test with my Sony when I get the chance.

I've been out and about with Rex most days this week, along Axe Cliff and Beer Head mostly, where rather surprisingly I haven't seen my first autumn Wheatear yet. Here are some photos of of few things I have seen. No moths though because I broke my bulb. Eyesight trouble again I'm afraid. I was trying to place the bulb safely onto the kitchen table but missed and whacked it straight into it instead. Doh! :-( The only new moth for the (Bun's) garden before my mishap was a Turnip Moth, far too boring to photograph.

Fulmars ( obviously)

Wall Brown.
A bit better than my last effort.
I find these the hardest Butterfly to get close too, they're very 'nervy'.

Burnet Moth with Seascape

The very delicate Wood White.

Edit: And from this afternoon's quick walk in Morganhayes, this sorry sight:

A fugacious fritillary who's 'glory days' are over.


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,
Great blog, if I may say so.
That Burnet with Seascape is a superb photo.

Karen Woolley said...

Thankyou Rob, glad you like it. :-)