Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Hudsonian Godwit Twitch

Sunday was the first opportunity for me to go and see the Hudsonian Godwit on the somerset Levels being the first day that it was present and I wasn't at work. Bun had already seen it on its first day obviously, but I asked him if he'd like to go again, I mean, who wouldn't?! He told me that Tim W. was looking to get a lift because he hadn't got a car at the moment, so late morning after hearing the news that it was still present the three of us set off. I must say the relatively short drive up to the Somerset levels seemed to take a lot less time than usual as we were entertained by Tim's tales of his recent holiday to Lesvos and by the time we arrived at the massive new car park at Ashcott corner I was well and truly gripped off! I really must go to Greece some day.

It was lovely and sunny when we arrived at the scrape, where the bird was in view but fast asleep in amongst the large Blackwit flock. Apparently it had been like this for most of the morning, but not to worry because no sooner had the sky turned a lovely shade of black and began tipping it down the whole flock woke up and began to feed. I didn't see much of this because I'd retreated to hide in the bushes until the shower had passed. When the rained eventually stopped some great views were had although the light was often poor so digiscoping proved quite difficult. The flock also had a couple of short fly-abouts and I managed to get a few flight shots too. As always at large twitches it was nice to catch up with a few familiar faces as well. We stayed for around three hours and as well as the Hudwit we also saw a Cuckoo, a drake Garganey, several Hobbies, Great White Egrets and Marsh Harriers and heard a Bittern too. It was quite unusual at this excellent reserve to have not seen one though.

For a Sunday there weren't that many people but it was the bird's 6th (and last it seems) day.

The large scrape behind the ditch is where the Godwit flock was and as you can see it's pretty distant but scope views were excellent. The sky was this colour for most of the time but fortunately it only rained heavily the once.

For a long time the view was like this but eventually the birds spread out and gave some great views.

It really stands out from the crowd in flight both from below...

...And above.

Husonian Godwit 
Coming in to land and really showing off those black under-wing coverts.

A Great White Egret in breeding plumage was showing quite well on the scape at times too.

And also in flight, here captured at a most embarrassing moment!


Wilma said...

Really nice photos, Karen!

Karen Woolley said...

Thanks Wilma