Thursday, 19 March 2015

Purple Sandpiper

I'm still waiting to see a Wheatear in Sidmouth. Nothing so far up on Salcombe Hill, well a single Chiffchaff this morning and that's it. I can't imagine why there hasn't been a Wheatear. Clive saw three on the rock armour off the beach, and then on the beach on Tuesday but by the time I got down there all that was on the beach were about a million dogs! It was lovely and warm and dog-walkers were out in droves. I tried the beach again this morning and it was a lot colder and therefore much quieter. Still no Wheatears though. The Turnstones and a single Purple Sandpiper were showing really well feeding on Chit Rocks at low tide and I was able to walk out and sit among the rocks and wait for them to approach for a photo or two.

Purple Sandpiper 
One of my favourite waders

 This Turnstone kept coming too close to fit in the frame.
 So obliging it would be rude not to take its photo too.

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