Saturday, 3 March 2012

Something I've Been Meaning To Do.

On the 23rd of October a drake American Wigeon was found on the Exe Estuary, a potential lifer for me but being the laid back type of twitcher that I am, I thought I'd wait 133 days before going to see it and 'what do you know', it was showing well, only a hundred yards or so from the car on Exminster Marshes and within digiscoping distance. Easy! A lovely quintet of Barnacle Geese were a nice bonus too! ;-)

The first time I tried to get a photo they all spooked at something. 
I like the resultant photo though. Can you see the American Wigeon in it?


No? That's because he's not in it, he was bringing up the rear, like so.

He showed himself eventually. 
He's almost impossible to pick out if you can't see his head, which most of the time you cant!

Bonus Barnacles.

A race against time late this afternoon when news broke of a Stone Curlew on Seaton Marshes. I'd got less than an hour before I needed to leave for work but couldn't  resist going along. I managed to get a nice view and a pretty ropey photo before running back to the car and home. Interestingly it was in exactly the same spot as the last Stone Curlew we had on patch almost five years ago. Coincidence?  I believe the bird was colour-ringed (it didn't show its legs while I was there) so we'll probably soon know. 

Stone Curlew twitch..featuring some minor naughtiness! ;-)

 Stone Curlew?.....Cow pat?

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