Saturday 4 June 2011

Spotted Flycatchers

The only Spotted Flycatcher I'd seen this year was on the Devon Birds' Lundy Trip at the beginning of May, a few days before the Trumpeter Finch arrived there! So this morning I popped over to Colyton to look for the pair that are nesting in the town centre near the church. I spent well over an hour watching them, mainly because I bumped into an old friend, but amid all the idle chit-chat I could see that the female was sitting and the male was visiting to feed her about once every ten minutes or so. One time while he was away she flew out from the nest site and sat in a nearby tree for a bit 'stretching her wings' I suppose. I took a couple of snaps of them both.
The male
The female. Yes, I know, they look exactly the same!

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