Sunday, 7 November 2010

A Sure Sign It's Nearly Winter

I'm suffering with a 'flare up' of my arthritis at the moment, it's in my neck and I obviously aggravated it on Wednesday in the American Bittern scrum. A twitching induced injury - serves me right! I haven't been able to get out and about much but today I popped down to Colyford Common (twice) hoping to see my first Water Pipits of the season Ian M having seen a couple here earlier in the week. This morning it was cool and cloudy and the Pipit flocks were very restless. Hoping for a photo opportunity I returned at around midday and was rewarded with great views of one feeding just in front of the platform. We always have at least one Water Pipit overwintering here, sometimes many more. We tend to take them a bit for granted I suppose, well I know I do sometimes. Same with Black Redstarts, I had one in my garden last Sunday, one of two which were in Trevelyan Road that day. They both appear to have moved on now but I'm sure there'll be more. There's usually at least one on Trevelyan Road for the whole winter. I'd swap 'em both for some Waxwings though!! Hope some make it to Staffordshire to coincide with my Christmas visits to relatives. Talking of Christmas, I couldn't believe my eyes when I went into a leading supermarket today and they'd got their tree up already! How repellent! I wonder why when it finally gets here I'm sick to death of the whole thing?

Here's some Water Pipits, never too early for these.


Dean said...

Great set of photos Karen.
Hope the arthritis eases soon and i know how it feels, so you have my sympathy.

As for christmas. The whole aspect of it drives me mad.

Karen Woolley said...

Thanks Dean.It's much better now.

They've put decorations up in the shop where I work now too! Arggghh!

I'm off to put the sprouts on... ;-)