Tuesday 24 November 2009

Quality Buying Experience!?

My nan always used to say 'never air your dirty linen in public'  but I just have to share this with someone. Just to get it of my chest really. Several months ago I sold a Nikon eyepiece that I couldn't get on with via the Birdforum classifieds. I sold it to a lovely lady in Sussex and the whole experience was extremely easy and friendly to boot. So needing a new eyepiece ( Nikon Zoom) at the moment I thought I'd look on there to buy one. I saw one for sale at what seemed a good price but really should have seen the warning signs in so much as the seller stated on the thread that his scope sale had 'fell through' three times! We exchanged e-mails on Sunday morning, I asked a couple of questions including "do you accept Paypal payments?" He replied that he would but only if I would cover the Paypal charges! So would I find out how much they'd be, how much the postage would cost, do the maths and make him an offer. I hadn't got time to do all this straight away as I was off to Dorset to see the Scaup. I was out all day and spent most of the evening writing my blog.  I'd reply to him on Monday morning I thought. BUT early on Monday morning a mere 23 hours after our first communication I have this in my Private Message inbox.
this week 
sorry to hassle u, but i dont have the luxury of time on this.
I have to pay for an item on weds night, that i bought on ebay.
SO will need decision on this zoom within 48 hrs

home we can come to a mutually beneficial deal!

I don't think I was 'out of order' to find this a bit pushy, especially the title, and politely said so, adding that I would buy from elsewhere. After all I'd only made an enquiry. Later that day I received this rather charming e-mail message;

maybe if u just werent so bloody lazy and had got off ur ass, then this could have gone through smoothly

keep taking the medication though

I think I have a sneeking suspicion why he hasn't managed to sell any of his gear!  What a nice guy! I was quite upset by this uncalled for insult and had to go and look at pictures of puppies for a bit. Oh yes, and take my medication!! ;-)


Steve Waite said...

TO**ER! Tell him to shove it up his....

Sorry for the rudness but people like that really annoy me!!!!

Gavin Haig said...

Thanks for sharing this entertaining piece of dirty laundry, Karen. Despite your correspondent lacking a few social graces I think there is a way to see this episode in a positive light: just look at how much you've learned about yourself by inviting the views of an impartial 2nd-hand lens vendor! No doubt you'll be pulling your socks up in future! ;o)

PS. Of course, we all want to know this lovely chap's BF moniker...

Gavin Haig said...

Forget the PS - my 'Big Boy's Book of MI5 Sleuthing Tips' led me to the culprit.