Tuesday, 6 October 2009

'Wonder of The Day'

Another new moth for the garden today, and what a moth it was! The Merveille du Jour!! What a stunning creature. We actually caught two of them. Not a rare moth but a very nice garden tick to get. Definitely one I've been looking forward to. It certainly lives up to its name 'wonder of the day'.

A nice Green One.

Its colours blend well with the lichen on this twig.

Also had a Four-spotted Footman in the trap, a bit late for these now according to the books, but then they probably don't read them! This was our eighth individual this year too, so not as scarce as the books say either!?

A well known illiterate moth, The Four-spotted Footman.

The sea has looked excellent for a bit of seawatching today but I haven't done any. Partly due to having too much 'other stuff' to do today (because once I start seawatching I find it hard to stop) and partly because I'm so excited about my imminent trip to The Scillies (and after seeing the fantastic moth this morning) I didn't think I 'd be able to stand stand any added excitement;-) I'd have had some too probably because I have heard reports of Bonxies, Little Gulls and even a Pomarine Skua! Who am I trying to kid? Gripping! :-(


Gavin Haig said...

What a stunner!

Wilma said...

Love that moth. I'm so glad you showed it in different settings.

Anonymous said...

Is that a moth or a slice of Walls Mint Viennetta? Lovely!